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    Automatic setup

    As long as the user has been assigned travel rights in SOAdmin and a new prototype is generated, the user may now perform a local update by clicking the travel icon in the navigator  . As long as you're logging in to the local database on travel, the icon will look like this:

    Note: The built-in database is a Sybase database engine, so if your anti-virus asks if you want to block it, you need to answer no.

    From SuperOffice 6.2 you may now add LocalDbEngineParam='' to the SuperOffice.ini file. If this parameter is not present, it will default to '-c 16m' meaning 16 MB of local cache memory for the database engine.

    Manual setup

    If you want to change the location of the local document archive you may open the SuperOffice.ini file and change the local_archivepath=

    The local archivepath defaults to the logged in users application data folder: c:\Documents and Settings\\Local Settings\Application Data\SuperOffice\SO_LOCAL



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