Travel gateway as a service

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    Using SuperOffice Travel Gateway, you can automate the tasks that the system administrator usually performs in connection with Travel, by specifying that a process should run automatically at a particular time. From 6.3 SR1 this is now set up as a service.

    To install the travel gateway service, run the SuperOffice7.exe file from the Server\Client folder to install travel gateway as a service.

     Manual install - if the client installer fails

    Start the service

    Go to Control panel - Administrative tools - Local services and locate the new "SuperOffice Travel gateway" service. It is not yet started and is currently set up to Log on as "Local System account". Note that the Log on as user MUST have full access rights to SO_ARC, so if this is not on the local computer you need to set up another Log on as user. This user must also be granted Log on as a service rights.

    Set the service to start automatically and start it so it's running.

    Set up tasks to be executed by the gateway service

    The program SoTrvGate.exe is still used to set up tasks to be executed. Note that you may no longer set execution status here, but it will show if the gateway service is running or not. And if it's currently executing any tasks.


    Gateway service is running, but the gateway shows me that it is not running?

    Check the Log on as user set up on the service. If this user does not have sufficient rights to SO_arc the gateway will show it as not running even though the services overview shows that it's running.

    When I look at the task manager there are two or more SoTraGateService.exe processes running?

    This means the gateway service is currently executing tasks. If there is only one process running, it's waiting for a task to come due. In SO_arc you will find a Task_x.trt file, where the x shows which task is running. 0 means the first task when you open the Travel gateway to view tasks that are set up. When the task is finished, the *.trt file will be deleted from SO_arc, and the SoTraGateService.exe process that executed the task will be gone.

    Prototype is not generated

    If the travel gateway service is running on a server that is not also the location of SO_ARC, make sure the local Sybase engine has sufficient rights to access the file in so_arc\template\travel. Try to manually start the prototype generation from the SOTrvGate.exe, you may be asked by Windows firewall if you want to accept this traffic.