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SuperOffice Remote Travel Server

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    SORTS (SuperOffice Remote Travel Server)

    This program will process received wishlists from travel users. A wishlist contains requests for other people’s documents.

    It is only possible to run the Remote Travel Server trough SuperOffice Travel Gateway, and we recommend that it’s run after it should run after each time the update files are read from the travel users, normally once a day.

    SORTS will, based on the received wishlist, create an output file with a list of documents requested by the remote travel user. The next time the user is using SORT (SuperOffice Remote Travel) the output file will be processed, and the missing or newer documents will be copied from the server to the local machine.

    The output file is based on the users wishlist (.ini), copied from the local SuperOffice program folder, into the central\wishlist. When SORTS is run from SuperOffice Travel Gateway on the central database the output file is created: CopyList-


    EE\2006.2\SuperO-Mailm-Upgrade-to-CRM-5---N.DOC      ->         File location

    EE\2006.1\Super001.doc                                                    ->         File location

    PVM\2006.2\KPMG004.DOC                                               ->         File location


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