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    SuperOffice Sales Intelligence

    Sales Intelligence (SAINT) is an aggregation system - a bit like a data-mart. A tiny data-warehouse. More like a data-shed.

    • Makes it possible to specify how you want to classify all your activities (appointments, documents, follow ups, phone calls, sales, emails, …) into smaller piles, according to sensible – and partly user-defined – criteria
    • Counts what you have
    • Presents the results
    • Lets you refine and adapt your classifications
    • Makes the results searchable, so you can actually use them for something

    For each company and project, SAINT stores the total number of activity records that match various combinations of queries. When a new activity is registered, the counters are updated accordingly. This makes it easy to do queries like:

    • "find all companies where date-of-last-sale > 10.oct.2004"
    • "make a selection of all companies where number of outgoing activities in the last 90 day period = 0"
    • "find all projects where number of completed activities > 5 and where number of completed activities in the last 90 day period = 0"

    The SAINT system allows these queries to be stored and matches can be flagged with a bitmap. These stored queries are called status monitors.

    This requires a separate license.