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Classifying sales

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    Sales are classified (sorted into smaller piles) according to two criteria:

    • Status - this is a direct classification)
    • Amount

    Since it doesnt make sense to have a separate pile for each and every amount, we need to make ranges
    We call these “Amount classes”, and they are user-defined. To add your own open SOAdmin - Lists - Amount class (sale).
    This is an example of an indirect classification


    What is in a pile?

    … not the items themselves since we are in the "counting business" here
    We count several different things, all related to each pile:

    • The total number of sales
    • The number of sales registered/updated in the last “period”
    • The number of sales that are not completed
    • The number of sales that are not completed, in the last period
    • The date of the most recent registered/updated sale
    • The date of the most recent completed sale

    These counters are what is available for each of the piles, and they can be used as search criteria