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What are Status Monitors?

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    A Dynamic Selection shows you which companies and persons match certain search criteria like one or more of the counters.

    But, you have to to go to that particular selection to see which company cards/projects match this criteria.

    Status monitors may show you these visually when you're looking at a specific company card or project.


    Status monitors are set up in SOAdmin - System Options - Status monitors

    A status monitor is somewhat like a Dynamic selection, in that it has criteria and any combination of criteria are allowed:

    • Same criteria as in Find, including user-defined fields and counters
    • It has a name and a description
    • It can be visual, with a picture that is shown as a click able watermark on matching companies or you can define a default task type & text for letting users create followups

    A company (or project, they work the same) may match one or more status monitors that have pictures, and all pictures are stored in the database as blobs, rescaled and made semi-transparent.

    Status monitors have a priority, you may change the priority order by using the arrows.

    If several monitors match one company, the picture of the one with the numerically lowest priority is shown (1 before 2 etc)

    The tooltip and the detail dialog will tell you about the other matching monitors

    If you change a company, or its activities, all status monitor matches related to that company will be turned off and set as “need update”
    Since we do not know how your changes have influenced the monitor, we do not want to run the whole, possibly complicated, query, on every update as this will make a huge impact on performance.
    During the next status monitor regeneration, we will either set or delete the match, depending on the outcome
    SOAdmin shows you how many matches and how many dirty (need update) you have for each monitor

    When do I need to regenerate status monitors?

    This varies depending on how complex they are, but it is generally quite cheap so you could do it every hour if you wanted to from the travel gateway. Once a night should be sufficient.
    You should regenerate your status monitors after you regenerate Counters if your Status monitor criteria include counters.
    When you're on travel you need to regenerate them. First enable the Show travel menu (From Edit - Preference - Travel)

    After restart the option to regenerate will be available when you click on the travel text (not button) in the navigator.