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    The Security System has two jobs:

    1 Control access to data, so a user can only see information he is supposed to see.
    2 Control access to functionality, so a user can only do the things he is supposed to be able to do.


    In SuperOffice CRM 5 this was all hard-coded into the application. You could change it slightly using preferences, but to do anything complex you needed to write your own COM add-in.

    From SIX we introduced roles, a matrix of permissions to access various information (just like a user-level) and a list of function rights (what can the role do in the client?). These are now configurable.

    In addition we have Sentry plugins

    Plug-ins will still work the same way
    They can restrict the data access given by the role
    Must be programmed and distributed


    They cannot give more access than the role defines.