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    SOARC now supports multiple languages for same template

    When you create a new document (using the Write button), the template that is actually used is determined by looking sever
    1. Check userpreference: [System] PreferDocLanguage – use this language if it has been set. i.e. if you set this pref to DANISH, then look in the SOARC\TEMPLATE\DA folder
    2. Check the UI language – if you are logged in with Norwegian, look in the SOARC\TEMPLATE\NO folder
    3. If the language-specific folder under TEMPLATE doesn’t have the template, then use the normal SOARC\TEMPLATE folder.

    [System] PreferDocLanguage
    This preference is used by SOARC plugin to pick the language you want document templates in if you want a language different from the user interface.
    If this preference is not set (the default) then we just use the same language that SOCRM is using for the user-interface.

    You need to create a folder per language in SO_ARC\TEMPLATE:
      SO_ARC\TEMPLATE\NO for norwegian templates
      SO_ARC\TEMPLATE\SW for swedish templates. etc

    The template filenames in the language-specific folders must match the filenames in the SO_ARC\TEMPLATE folder.
    i.e. You must have SO_ARC\TEMPLATE\NO\Letter.doc with norwegian contents and SO_ARC\TEMPLATE\Letter.doc with english contents.
    You can’t have SO_ARC\TEMPLATE\NO\Brev.doc and SO_ARC\TEMPLATE\Letter.doc

    If a language-specific template does not exist, then we fall back to the SO_ARC\TEMPLATE folder.