The order of things

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    The standard flow of authentication/identity is like this

    Try to authenticate without parameters

    • I.e., rely on "environment", such as your current Windows login, and possible other implicit knowledge

    If this does not work, present a login dialog; then try to authenticate using this username and password

    If success, then we're in  
    Otherwise, retry a few times and then give up

    Note how we can authenticate without ever seeing a password in a SuperOffice dialog

    This flow - first try, then ask for more info (username/password), then try again - is common to Win & Web; in fact, all SuperOffice application will follow that pattern.
    Note that if you specify a username and password on the command line to the Windows client, then that is an override of the ordinary logic.

    In 7.1 sr1 we add a new preference that may be turned on so we do not first try to authenticate with AD: