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Compatibility reports

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    The compatibility test reports published. A "Test Passed" status is a 90% assurance that this product will work as intented in the environment tested.
    Our system requirements are found here. We now only make new compatibility reports for version 8.0 and higher.

    We make the compatibility reports when other vendors release newer versions after our release. This is where you see if e.g a new version of Internet Explorer is compatible with current releases of SuperOffice.

    El Capitan and SuperOffice 7.5 SR1


    Issue id 37894 

    Download the full compatibility report (.xlsx) 


     Office 2016 and SuperOffice 7.5 SR1

    Issue id 36943 and 36853 for S&M web

    Issue id 36872 and 36853 for S&M win

    Download the full compatibility report (.xlsx) 



    Windows 10 and SuperOffice 7.5

    Download the full compability report (.xlsx) 

    OS X Yosemite and SuperOffice version 7.5

    Download the full compability report (.xlsx) 

    SQL server 2014 and SuperOffice version 7.5

    Download the full compability report (.xlsx)

    Oracle 12 and SuperOffice version 7.1 SR2

     Download the full compability report (.xlsx)

    Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2012 R2, Internet Explorer 11 and SuperOffice version 7.1 SR2

    Issue id 17488 for S&M web, 17541 for Customer Service and  with Windows 8.1 and IE 11