Changing from http to https

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    If you want to change from to, this article explains what you need to be aware of.

    Here is a guide that explains how to change from HTTP to HTTPS on your website.

    In addition you need to update the database so it knows to use HTTPS instead of HTTP, this is done in the <prefix>.config table the two fields cgi_url and cgi_url_internal:

    select cgi_url, cgi_url_internal from crm7.config

    Please note - you need to make sure you have a backup of your database before you run any query directly on the database. If something goes wrong, the backup is your only way back to the original state.

    In addition there may be references to in your reply templates, knowledge base or any message posted on your current request. These will either fail, must be redirected or updated in the database.

    For reply templates, these will be found with this query:

    select * from crm7.REPLY_TEMPLATE_BODY where body_plain like '%' or body_html like '%' or subject like '%'

    For the knowledge base / FAQ entries, use this query to locate entries that needs to be updated:

    select * from crm7.kb_entry where title like '%' or question like '%' or answer like '%'

    For any message in an existing ticket:

    select * from crm7.ej_message where body like '%' or body_html like '%'