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Install CRM Server

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    How to install SuperOffice CRM 7 on the different database types supported.

    You need a running SuperOffice CRM 7 server before you install either of our clients like;


    When we describe how to set up the SQL database on your server, we will focus on how to prepare the database for a SuperOffice installation. Any advice we give is based on that this SQL server application is installed on a Windows 2003/2008 computer that is dedicated as a database application server. Any advice is also based on that the SuperOffice database is the only database served by this computer. If your environment is different from these preconditions, our advice may need to be reconsidered.

    The more powerful the SQL Server computer is, the faster SuperOffice CRM will perform. This of course will depend of the amount of users this SQL server is going to serve.

    Choosing Between Unicode and ANSI

    For new customers, we recommend using Unicode. This removes all ambiguity of future planning and ensures compatibility. For existing customers, however, conversion to Unicode is left as an option unless your database contains Eastern European characters like Czech and Polish.
    Important: Czech and Polish databases from earlier than version 6.2 must convert to Unicode.