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Automatic update of clients

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    In the last screen of ServerSetup, "Installation is complete", you can select to use automated update for client installations.

    The client setup file will be run from the location selected in ServerSetup, so this location must be available for the user and sufficient rights must have been granted.

    If Active Directory is to be used for updates, the automatic update should not be selected in ServerSetup.

    The automatic client update feature replaces the use of SoLoader in earlier versions.

    Automated update for client installations will ask the user if she wants to update SuperOffice CRM client, if the client setup files have been updated by ServerSetup. The check is done by comparing the version of SuperOffice CRM client with the highest version of ServerSetup installation on this database.

    The user can select to not update, the question will then be asked again next time she starts SuperOffice CRM client.

    If the user selects to update, the SuperOffice CRM client will exit and client setup file will be run. When the installation is finished, SuperOffice CRM client must be started again.