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    Full text indexing is a database capability, and needs to be supported and enabled in the database. Contact your database vendor for information on how to enable this on your database.

    Customer Service (formerly known as eJournal) has had this functionallity available since version 4.7. With CRM 7 this functionallity is now also available on some fields in Sales & Marketing win and web.

    If full text search is enabled on the database, it will use special search syntax when searching for the following entities in Customer Service:

      Request content (title and message text)
      Knowledge base FAQ articles
      Quick search field, when searching request titles


    And in Sales & Marketing:

      All long text fields like appointment text, yellow notes, descriptions.
    Note: This is not a replacement of our fulltext search, since it only works on specific fields, as part of the ”structured” search system (Find)

    The new full text search functionality works in a different way than ordinary (much slower) text search, and there are some differences in search behavior. Using the classic text search the database would match against any record that contains your text query anywhere. With the new full text search capability, the text is portioned into words, and the words need to match – a part of a word will not match.

    This table illustrates the different search behavior when searching for “enigma”:

    Words in the database

    Match classic text search 

    Match new full text search

    Enigma Yes Yes
    Enigmatic Yes No
    Unenigmatic Yes No

    The speed of the search is highly dependent on the kind of search functionality you use.  In a database with a lot of requests and messages, a request content search can take several minutes to complete using the classic search functionality. With the new full text search functionality enabled it usually takes less than a second to complete such a query.

    To get full text search capability, you need to enable the Microsoft Indexing Service on the MSSQL server.  If it’s not installed, you need to install it.



    message search_title, body, html_body
    ticket  title
    kb_entry title, question, answer, keywords
    text text

    Turn on full text search on existing database

    Dbsetup will detect if full text search is set up or not. If you have turned on the full text search on an existing database, you have to do a rebuild of the database to get the functionallity working.