Migrating from a previous version

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    SuperOffice 7.5 is medium sized technical upgrade. This means that:

    Database will be upgraded (not a rebuild), new version of web services and most 3.rd party modules need an upgrade

    Customer Service needs to run Upgrade.EXE

    All travellers must be in

    Satellites is upgraded on site (do not update this database, changes will be replicated from the central database.

    To migrate from a previous version on SuperOffice CRM  in your environment you should perform the following steps.  

    Step 1: Make sure you have your environment up and running on version 7.1

    Step 2: Upgrade the SuperOffice 7.1 database

    Step 3: Uninstall and re-install Sales & Marketing Windows clients

    Step 4: Uninstall and re-install Sales & Marketing for Web

    Step 5: Install SuperOffice Customer Service

    Step 6: Upgrade Customer Service by running Upgrade.exe 

    Note for performance:

    During the upgrade from 7.x to 7.5, we convert all NTEXT fields to NVARCHAR(MAX). This is a much more modern datatype in SQL Server, that takes less space, can be indexed, passed as a stored-proc parameter etc - lots of good points.
    One of the features is that, if the actual content isn't too long, the text data is stored directly in the record and not on a separate page. NTEXT in contrast always lives in separate pages, fragmenting the database. The 7.5 upgrade will always redefine NTEXT to NVARCHAR(MAX), and that takes very little time. However, to get the full benefits we also perform an update that moves the data into the base record if possible - for every NTEXT field in every record. If you have a CS customer (SM does not use NTEXT) with lots of data, then this can take many, many hours.
    Since the physical data update is not critical, it can be disabled. This means that the database will stay as fragmented as it was, no better and no worse. New records will be stored in the new fashion anyway.

    To disable the physical data update, you must set the Environment Variable NOCLOBUPDATE=TRUE, as shown below. This must be done before starting  DbSetup/ServerSetup.