Upgrade of standard reports

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    When upgrading to 7.0 from 6.3 you can select if you want to upgrade all or just install new standard reports.

    In the screen "Select upgrade of standard reports" you can let the default selection stay, to upgrade all existing standard reports. This will overwrite all existing standard reports and install the new ones. Any edits done to the existing standard reports will disappear. User defined reports will not be touched .

    If you uncheck the checkbox, only new standard reports will be installed, the existing standard reports will remain as they are, so no new layout or features will be available in them. Userdefined reports will not be touched.

    Standard reports can be imported later with the program SoRepImp.exe or StdRepImp.exe (in the folder STDReportFiles on the CD) in the  All or just some reports can then be selected.

    Standard reports can also be imported with DbSetup.exe, there are sections in Sotables.ini for Importing of the new standard reports, and for importing all.