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    The Office365 and G Suite Integration app integrate the Office365 SharePoint’s and Google Drive's document management features with CRM Online so that you can create, store, and find your documents within SuperOffice, and enjoy the benefits of both SuperOffice and Office365 or G Suite services all in one place.

    Simply sign in to SuperOffice using your Office365 or Google login details and then open, edit and store documents in Office365 SharePoint or G Suite directly from SuperOffice.



    To start using the Integration, setup consists of 2 steps:

    1) How to setup Office365 or G Suite to integrate to CRM Online

    2) How to configure the document templates for use, is documented in this article.





    Standard CRM Online - all templates are stored in CRM Online storage ("SO Archive") and are set to save the files users create also in CRM Online storage ("SO Archive").

    Even with the integration set up - you may still use "SO Archive" for your templates and documents - but then the without the benefits of Office365 or G Suite services.

    There is one selection for where to store the template: "Store template in:"
    and one selection for where to store the file created based on this template: "Document stored in:"

    For most users, the important choice is "Document stored in:" - as this is the criteria for where the document is created - and how it is opened (Word Online / Google Drive)

    How to add a document template in SuperOffice

    In this video you will learn how to add a document template in SuperOffice CRM.
    To create a SuperOffice template that will create and store documents in O365 SharePoint / Google Drive, choose 'O365' or 'Google' in "Document stored in:".


    Create a SuperOffice template stored in O365 SharePoint / Google Drive, that will create and store documents in O365 SharePoint / Google Drive

    This guide show you how to store the template in the O365 cloud / Google cloud, and when the user uses this template - the document created will also be saved in the O365 / Google cloud and opened with Google Drive / Word Online:

    Templates are displayed as items in the Document - Template list and you link a template to SuperOffice CRM by entering it as an item in the list. For more details, see below.


    1. Open SuperOffice Admin, go to Lists, choose "Document - Template", Click “Add”
    2. Enter the required name of the item in the Name field.
    3. You can choose where to store the document template, in the Store template in list. choose "Google" / "Office365"
    4. You now have three options:
      Create a new template |  Upload a new document template | Copy an existing template in SuperOffice
    5. Click Save in the Edit list item dialog. The dialog is updated.
    6. Optional: Edit the template name, if required, and click Edit to edit the template file itself.
    7. Enter the required information in the Details and Languages tabs. For more information, see below.
    8. Click Save to save your changes in Settings and maintenance. The template is added as a separate item in the Items list.
    9. In the Direction field, specify whether the template will be outgoing or incoming, by clicking the arrow ( ) and choosing from the list box.
    10. In the Document stored in field, choose to save the document in "Google" / "Office365"
    11. Specify the default setting for the Our reference (default) field using the template variables, for example auth for the sender’s first and last names (see Template variables).
      Optionally, type in a description of the template in the Description field
    12. Click “Save”

    The Document template is now available in the CRM client:




    To be able to edit the template in Google Drive / Word Online - the template needs to be located in the O365 / Google cloud (ref. "Store template in:" above). If this is not a requirement - the template can stay put in CRM Online storage (SO Archive) if you like.

    If you want to change where the original templates store new documents created - you can do this by changing the original template property "Document stored in:".

    This will not move the template itself.

    If you want to move the template from CRM Online storage (SO Archive) to Google / O365, click "Add" in Document Template list -> Choose "Copy an existing document template file"

    Use a descriptive title for the template, and use "Header" to group templates. This makes it easier for the end-user to understand which files save and opens the files in Drive / Word Online.


    • All documents written in SuperOffice will be stored in the SharePoint / Google cloud if template is set up for it, and available to open and edit in SuperOffice CRM Online

    • If you want to use your O365 / G Suite account to edit SuperOffice templates, the SuperOffice templates need to be moved from SuperOffice to your SharePoint  / G Suite account

    • Old documents will not automatically be moved from SuperOffice to your SharePoint  / G Suite

    • Moving existing documents or templates to or from SuperOffice and your SharePoint  / G Suite is offered as a paid service