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Pocket CRM

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    System requirements for Pocket CRM mobile client.

    Pocket CRM

    Operation system: iOS - Pocket CRM client (Available from Apple App Store)
    Google Android - Pocket CRM client  (Available from Google Play)
    (Windows 10 - End of Life)
    Network: Pocket CRM is an online application that needs a network from the mobile phone to the web services. All datatraffic is compressed and designed to have minimum overhead to save bandwith.
    Minimum bandwith GPRS ( 114 kbp/s )
    Recommended bandwith 3G ( 384 -> 2 Mbp/s ) 
    Documents: Office documents needs supported viewer software installed on device
    Netserver: For direct Netserver connection Netserver must be version 8.0 or higher. The site must allow TLS 1.0 if you are running on a Pocket CRM version lower than 8.0.32 which was released August 15th 2016. From August 15th 2016 we added support for TLS 1.2 communincation protocols between device and server.
    E-mail: Pocket CRM use the same components as SuperOffice inbox in web. See web server requirements
    Business card scanner: Business card scanner will work with all SuperOffice versions, both Onsite and Online. It requires Pocket client to be configured againts Netserver (no Pocket server)

    In order to be able to use all released features for Pocket CRM you need to use the direct Netserver connection mode.

    New requirement from Pocket CRM 9.1 is iOS 10 or newer

    Devices no longer supported:
    • iPhone 5 or older
    • Pad 2 or older
    • iPod Tounch with ARM v 7 or older

    Old devices will still be able to run Pocket CRM but they will not be able to upgrade or re-install.

    Which Services end point to use?
    Versions / client Web Service
    9.1 and newer services88 services88
    8.5 R09 - R15 services88 services88
    8.5 R01 - R08 services87 services87
    8.4 R07, R08 services87 services87
    8.4 R01 - R06 services86 services86
    8.3 R02, R03, R04 services86 services86
    8.3 R01 services85 services85
    8.2 services84 services84
    8.1 services84 services84
    8.0 SR3, SR4, SR5, SR6 services82 services82
    8.0, SR1, SR2 services80 services80

    Pocket CRM will automatically pick up the correct Services folder.