How to change user plans for active users

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    Give users access to new sets of functionality by changing user plans. Contact SuperOffice to get a new user plan, then assign the user plan to the user.  

    When existing users change department from, say, sales to support, or when users need the Complete user plan to get full overview, you can contact your contact person at SuperOffice or SuperOffice partner and ask for the needed user plan.

    When the new user plan is made available for you, you assign the correct user plan to the user in the license window. 

    Remember to provide the necessary training and follow-up to the new user. High user adoption will create high business outcome.

    How to assign user plans

    User administration in SuperOffice

    User settings in SuperOffice.


    1. In Settings and maintenance, click Users
    2. In the window for associates choose the active user who needs his/her user plan to be changed
    3. Make sure that he/she has the right Role and belongs to the right Primary group 
    4. In the Licence information window, choose the desired user plan
    5. Click Save

    Next time the user logs into SuperOffice, the user plan is available.