How to register the results from your mailing in Service

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    Using SuperOffice Marketing from inside Customer Service needs very little configuration. 
    There is no configuration needed when it comes to determining your target group from Customer Service. You can use Selections within Customer Service to make a selection of your target group. Any configuration that was needed has already been completed.

    When it comes to registering the results of your mailing it might be that you need to configure Customer Service in order to achieve the desired end result.

    Two options to register the links the recipient has clicked on:

    1. By adding a request. For this you don’t need any configuration. The settings that are available can be set inside SuperOffice Marketing
    2. Registering information on an extra field for the customer contact. Here you do need to configure Customer Service to be able to register the content of an extra field. 

    You can add a link to your mailing to track a recipients interests

    When adding a link you can choose to register an open request for the recipient when they click on the link.