How to set up an extra field for a contact in Service

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    A good example of an extra field you can use on the customer contact card is a field called: Satisfied customer. Where the value of this field is yes or no.

    Sending your customers a mailing where they easily can answer whether they are satisfied with your services or not, can give you great insight into your general customer satisfaction.

    You can add an additional field in SuperOffice Service to create target lists

    Learn how to set up a extra field for a contact

    1. Log into SuperOffice and open the Service module.
    2. Go to System design > Tables.
    3. Find contact and click on the new table symbol that appears next to it.
    4. Choose the type of field you wish to use and press OK. For customer satisfaction we use the "Boolean" value, since the value has to be yes or no.
    5. Now we can register the properties of the field. Make sure you fill out the Name, Description and the Database field.
    6. Click OK.

    Now the field is ready for use inside SuperOffice Marketing. You can find it within the link properties. To learn how to add this link to a mailing, please go to the SuperOffice Marketing get started guide.