Structure your sales routine

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    Some sales opportunities go to waste because sales people forget to follow up on them. With so many sales and follow ups to manage it is easy to forget to register your follow up activity. This could result in you losing a sale.

    Get full control over your sales process

    We can help you to get full control over all sales processes by structuring your sales routines. Your CRM system will automatically suggest the next step to take, so you will never forget another follow-up activity.

    sales guideTo structure the sales process, SuperOffice has developed the sales guide.

    A sales guide consists of all stages from your sales process. Each stage will contain follow-ups and documents to guide the sales person through the entire sale.This means you can have your system suggest activities and relevant document templates and place them in the right order for completion. 

    This will guide sales reps through the sales process from beginning to end, and ensure that they follow best practice project flows.

    Design your own sales guide

    You can of course set up the sales guide to support your own unique processes. When you set up your own sales guide you can determine the stages, as well as the activities and documents per stage.

    The best way to define your own sales guide, is first to discuss and agree on your best practice sales steps.  You can set up multiple sales guides if you have several sales processes. For example, you can create one for prospective customers, one for existing customers, or one for large advanced project sales that last longer  and includes many stages and activities.

    You define your sales guide in the Sales guide tab in the Workflow screen in SuperOffice Settings and Maintenance. The sales guide comes with five standard sales stages that apply to most sales processes.

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