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    Before you give your service agents access to SuperOffice Service you need to make sure that you have set them up as users. There are a few things you need to think about.

    Inside the Signature tab we recommend you to set up the signature for all service agents, to make sure they all use the same signature when replying to the customers. This will create consistency and trust towards the customer.

    Reduce resolution time

    To make sure that all new requests are solved as quickly as possible you can setup notifications for your service agents. This way SuperOffice will send them a notification every time a new request is waiting to be solved.

    There are two ways to notify your agents. You can use pop-ups and/or emails.
    When you use pop-ups, a notification will be visible within Service when a new request is assigned to agents. This means that if they is not logged in, they will not be aware of new requests.

    When using the email function agents will automatically receive an email, once a request has been assigned to they.
    This way your agents will always know when a new request has been assigned to them, and they can make sure the request can be solved as soon as possible.

    Even with the best intentions, every now and then there is a risk of forgetting a customer’s inquiry. Fortunately, SuperOffice Service is constantly monitoring the list of open requests, instantly notifying you (by pop-up, email or SMS) when a request has passed one of its deadlines. The escalation system will take into account the request's priority, and the opening hours of that particular priority, when deciding that it’s time to call for action. 

    Here are the options on how your service agents can get notified. 

    Setup users in Service

    User settings in Service


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