How to set up automated email responses to customers

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    When you send in a question or you report a problem, it's great to get a confirmation that your request has been received, right? Your customers will feel the same way. Therefore, we highly recommend using automated email responses for incoming email requests.

    SuperOffice Service comes preset with a support mailbox that sends automated responses. The reply template that is used for this response contains a standard message, a ticket number, and a link to the customer centre. The ticket number is used as a reference number and the customer centre gives your customers access to request statuses and FAQs.

    Learn how to set up automated email responses

    If you want to change the standard automated response or create a new one, just follow these 2 steps

    Step 1 - Create a new automated response

    We recommend automated responses to have a ticket number and a link to the customer center. To save time just make a copy of the default reply template and change the message. If you want to make a reply template from scratch you can learn how to create reply templates.

    1. Start by logging into SuperOffice Service.
    2. Go to Knowledge Base, then choose Reply templates.
    3. In the list of existing reply templates find the one that is called System Template - customer reply. Double click it to open this reply template.
    4. Click Copy on the right-hand side. You will now make a copy of the original customer reply template. Rename the title of your new reply template. This way the original "master" customer reply template will always remain in your Service database.
    5. Change the reply template to your liking. If you use the tab HTML text when editing, you can immediately see what your reply will look like.
    6. Click OK to save your new reply template.

    Step 2 - Add your reply template to your preferred mailbox

    1. In SuperOffice Service go System Settings and choose E-mail from the drop down list.
    2. Open the mailbox you wish to add your reply template to. If you need to set up the email address first, go to How to set up mailboxes.
    3. In the Properties tab find the field Reply template for reply to contact. Click on the blue button, and find the new reply template that you have set up. Then click OK to finish.