Why adding companies and contacts to CRM is important

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    By saving all your contact and company information in SuperOffice CRM, it is easy to find and help your customers at a moment’s notice.

    Example: The phone rings and you pick up. On the other end of the line is a customer you have never talked to before. The quickest way to help this customer is by finding the contact in SuperOffice CRM. You’ll find the company he/she works for, who their account manager is, and you'll see any unsolved support request they have registered.

    Access to all the details

    The company and contact card contain all the information your company saves about your customers, prospects and business partners.

    • Visiting addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and company website
    • You customer’s entire interaction and communication history with your company: 
      • All previous and planned activities
      • Lost, sold and open sales opportunities
      • Completed and ongoing projects
      • Open and solved Service requests

    In other words – you and your colleagues will know who the customer has been in contact with, what they agreed on, and if any issues came up.

    Having access to all customer information directly in the company and contact card helps you work more effectively and avoid duplicate work and misunderstandings.

    3 ways to register companies and contacts

    There are three ways to register your companies and contacts in SuperOffice CRM. You can save them by:

    1. Adding a company or contact manually;
    2. Scanning a business card using Pocket CRM, our mobile app; or
    3. Importing multiple companies and contacts from Excel, Outlook, or Gmail (for administrators) 

    Adding companies manually

    Save company information in SuperOffice CRM to easily help your customers at a moment’s notice.

    How to add a company manually

    Adding contacts manually

    Add your contacts to SuperOffice CRM to enable the saving of communication you have with them.

    How to add a contact manually

    Finding companies and contacts

    When you store all contacts and companies in your CRM solution, it becomes very easy to find them when you need them. With information so effortlessly accessible, you will work faster and serve customers better.

    How to search for companies and contacts

    Make sure you don’t enter unwanted duplicates into your database. Check if the company already exists in the database by searching for the name.