How to add a company manually

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    The best way to stay in control of potential customers or other contacts is to register their details in SuperOffice CRM.

    Whenever you get hold of a potential customer’s information – for example, when meeting a new prospect at a trade show, or when someone submits their company details in a SuperOffice web form – the next step is to register all details on the company card.

    What to register

    When you add a new company, the two most important fields are the customer category and the business the company is in. Both fields are mandatory.

    Category: Separate contacts by assigning them a category, such as:

    • Customer,
    • Prospect,
    • Supplier, or
    • Business partner.

    Business: Assign the company a line of business from a default list in SuperOffice.

    Note: Want to add a line of business? Change lists of company categories and business types.


    How to enter a company manually (3:20)



    Other ways to add contacts:

    Looking up contacts

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