How to add content, images and links

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    Let's assume that you have already written the content for your mailing. If you have not done this yet, we recommend you to start with that. This will make the process of creating and sending your first mailing a lot easier.

    It is now time to place the content you've prepared for the mailing. You can do the following:

    • Edit text and images
    • Edit layout and format
    • Insert and edit columns and paragraphs
    • Move, copy and delete columns and paragraphs

    Personalize with template variables

    To give your mailing a more personal touch, you can add template variables.

    A template variable will insert customer-specific information to your mailing. For example, you can use the customer’s first name to start your mailing with, and perhaps inser each recipient's company name. We recommend that you try out this in different mailings to optimize what works for your audience when it comes to response and engagement.

    It is also possible to use any other information that is available to you from your SuperOffice database. By adding the template variable connected to the field in SuperOffice you can add the content of this field to your mailing.

    Mobile device

    It is also possible to customize the message for better display on mobile devices. Mobile devices have smaller screens. SuperOffice will help you to optimize your layout so that's easy for people to read your message on a mobile phone or tablet.


    When creating a message you might want to add links to lead your readers to various resources, like web pages or social media. Or perhaps you want people to click on a call-to-action, to measure the click rater, and in the end, use the information this gives for better follow-up after your mailing.

    The use of links is only available for users with a Marketing license.

    We will now show you how to:

    Once you are done adding your content, images and links you can go to the next step:

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