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Organize files and activities in projects

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    The project module is ideal for organizing all your files and activities. You can organize and archive all your tasks, activities, meetings, project members, documents, and even sales opportunities inside your project. SuperOffice projects are a great way for you and your colleagues to collaborate. Everyone can access and update information.

    Organize and share content

    When working on a project with colleagues and other project members, there is often information that needs to be shared. Whether it is an important email, a spreadsheet, or a presentation, you want other people to have access to this information.

    All the information you save inside your project is added with a date and an owner. Dates make it easy to sort and filter your information when needed.

    You will also see project related activities on each of your contacts' activity tabs. This is of course, useful during the project phase, but also for future reference. You can see the entire history in one central place.

    Project card, with the project members tab open (screenshot)

    The Project function in SuperOffice helps you keep track of your projects and files.


    Ways to use a project

    There are many situations in which you can use the advantages of a project.

    • Organize your mailing activities in projects
    • Organize upcoming events in a project. Such as a webinar, seminar, or even your Christmas party
    • Save all customer (sales) opportunities as a project
    • Planning to hire a new employee? Save all details, candidate CV’s, and meetings in a project
    • Working on launching a new corporate website or a new product brochure? Keep track of the internal processes of a project. It will make it easier for you to follow the progress and to evaluate the project after it’s completed.

    These are just a few examples of the way every company can use the project module.

    Create a project

    Now it is your turn. Check out how easy it is to create a new project. We will show you what details you can add, how you can add your project members and assign a role to each one of them. 

    Once this is done you can start to save and share all your files and activities with your project members.

    How to create a project

    You can start using projects by adding all projects you are currently working on. So you can track them in SuperOffice. Remember to “add your project” to all the tasks you work with the next couple of weeks. Or plan all your activities directly from inside your project.

    The project guide

    Do you have a specific project process that you follow every time? A method that has proven to be successful?

    Your SuperOffice project module comes with a project guide that can be customized to match your process. You can map all the activities and documents you use during your project inside a project guide. This way it will be easy to see in what stage of the project you are.

    With the project guide, you will know exactly what you have to do next to complete your next milestone. It will help you to work more structured and more efficiently. You can guarantee all users work in the same way and use the same documents.

    Your administrator can add and customize project guides for you.