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How to create a static selection

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    A static selection is a list of content that you create manually, either with criteria or by selecting single records to add. A static selection stays the same until you decide to change it, unlike a dynamic selection. You can manually add new records to an already existing selection, or delete single records.

    Use it when you want absolute control of the content, like in a mailing list where you want remove specific companies. You can also use a static selection to analyze performance in your organization – it’s easy to view results from a specific area and period like last month, last quarter, and so on.

    Learn how to create a static selection

    Static selections stays the same until you change it. Use it to get an overview of your customers.

    Does your version of SuperOffice CRM look different from this video? That's because this video shows SuperOffice CRM in version 8. But don't worry - all the steps shown in this video are exactly the same in SuperOffice CRM version 9.