How to change the data source of a dashboard graph

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    Every standard graph in your dashboard uses a specific data source to draw up the graph and lists. The data source is made up from selections or default data sets. You can change the data source to make the graphs show data that is more relevant for you. 

    Let's take the graph “My pipeline – actual amount” as an example. 

    • As a sales rep, you may only want to see your own sales in the tile. In this case, you can change the data source to “Me”.
    • However, as a sales manager you need an overview of your sales team’s pipeline. To get that, you can change your graph to use the data source “My team” (or “All sales”).

    Copy or edit your graph

    When you want to change the data source of a graph, keep in mind that there are two ways you can make your graphs more relevant:

    1. You can simply edit the graph, and this means you change the data source shown to all users.
    2. Or, you can make a copy of the graph and then change the data source. This way you don’t change the existing graph for other users. When you make a copy of a graph, remember to change the name of the graph to separate it from the one you copyied.  

    Edit a graph tile to change the datasource (screenshot)

    Learn how to change the data source

    Follow these steps to change the data source of a graph to show more relevant information:

    1. Go to Dashboard, and select the graph you wish to edit.
    2. Click on the Task button and choose Edit.
    3. The warning menu will explain that any changes you make will affect all users. You have to decide whether you want to Copy or Edit the graph. We advise you to copy the graph and create a new personal graph. The following steps are the same, whichever choice you make.
    4. In the Edit tile screen, go to Datasource. Select whether you wish to Use default data or a Selection.
    5. When you choose Use default - My open sales, you can choose which period you wish to use and whose data to show.
      • Period: Click where it says This month and before and choose the period you wish to use from the drop down list.
      • Show sales for: Click where it says Me and choose whether you want to see the data for Me (yourself), My team, or All users.
    6. Click OK to save your new settings.