Apps for CRM Online

Any developer, integration specialist, or a SaaS service provider can develop apps for SuperOffice CRM with our API.


Getting started

App lifecycle, business requirements, custom or standard app


Certification/validation, marketing guidelines, beta program

Popular resources

Example apps

Download example apps to learn authentication and interaction with tenants

Security & authentication

Why SuperID exists and how it works with Google/Office 365 to handle login details.

Custom app

For one company only

If you want to make an app that's unique to your business, you can do so by creating a custom app. Build it yourself or ask a partner for help developing your customizations. You can even take an existing standard app and ask the vendor to make a special version for you.

Standard app

For the App Store

A standard app for listing in the SuperOffice App Store needs to go through certification and testing to get released. This article will guide you through the journey for successfully creating an application ready for SuperOffice CRM Online.