Getting started with apps

In this article

    If you're looking to create an app for SuperOffice, this guide is the place to start. We'll give you an overview of the process of how new apps are added to SuperOffice, and a little background on the different types of apps.

    Apart from this guide, as a developer, you'll want to read our section for developers called how to develop on the SuperOffice Online platform. You'll find articles on how to build your first application, example app downloads and walkthroughs, and general guidelines for all apps that are to be listed in our app store or activated for a user. 

    Types of apps for SuperOffice

    People might have different reasons for developing an app for SuperOffice. The two main types of apps are:

    • Standard apps for the SuperOffice App Store for anyone to use
    • Custom apps for your company or a customer's company only

    If you're in the first category, then all the stages all the way from planning, developing, and publishing is for you. 

    If you're developing a custom app, the stages planning, developing and validating your app applies to you.