Expand your SuperOffice CRM Online with a custom app

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    Apps for your business only are called custom apps, and can be built by you or by a partner of your choice.

    You can even ask a vendor to make a special version and existing app just for you.

    Start creating a custom app by registering as a developer, reading the developers guide to build the app, and then have it validated and made available to your CRM Online installation.

    Build your app: 

    When your needs as a CRM Online customer are not met using the standard configurations available in SuperOffice Settings & Maintenance or by a standard app available in the App Store, it is possible to add customizations or custom integrations to your SuperOffice CRM Online solution.
    What is a custom app

    Register your custom app:

    If you want to create a custom app, whether this is a customization in SuperOffice Service or linking your CRM Online solution with another system, you need to complete and submit this registration form (or let your developing partner do this on your behalf).
    Register your custom app

    Start app validation: 

    Before we make your Custom App available in production, we want to validate that it works it does not cause unwanted effects on our environment which may give you or our other customers' unwanted effects.
    Start app validation