Custom App and Expander Services

If you want to create a Custom App and link your CRM Online solution with another system, you need to complete and submit this registration form (or let your developing partner do this on your behalf).

In return you get:

  • access to our sandbox environment (SOD for short)
  • a test installation of SuperOffice CRM Online you can use to test against 
  • a set of unique keys to let you or your developing partner begin creating your customization

If you are submitting this form on behalf of a customer, we will seek confirmation from the customer owning the SuperOffice installation to confirm that they want to add Expander Services to their CRM Online subscription*. The subscription is invoiced by your local SuperOffice office and prices are available available in the App Store entry.

* If you already have an active subscription and want additional app ID and tokens, you will get this by completing this form. You are not charged anything extra to receive more than one app ID and token for your company.