Introduction to standard apps and the App Store

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    What is an app, and how does the App Store work? 

    A standard app is built to fit many

    Standard apps are meant for the SuperOffice App Store and are built to fit the needs of many businesses. It is not built to fit one specific company like custom apps are.

    Any app for SuperOffice CRM Online is a link to another cloud service. The link allows the other service to retrieve, present, or add data to SuperOffice.

    Examples of linking between cloud services:

    • synchronizing data between SuperOffice and an ERP system
    • triggering workflows between systems
    • updating data (address, financial and similar) from external data providers

    In addition, an app can be:

    • An add-on module that integrates into SuperOffice and adds useful capabilities. For example SuperOffice Web Tools, or a calendar sync.  
    • A configuration of SuperOffice that adds value to the customer. For example: industry-specific categorization, document templates, e-mail templates, and similar.

    The key to any app or integration, is that the app is relevant and adds value to customers in their sales, marketing, customer service and/or business processes.

    The App Store is the marketplace

    The SuperOffice App Store is where SuperOffice CRM Online customers find and buy apps that expand their CRM solution to solve relevant business needs.

    Customers can browse the App Store to find a range of apps made available from both SuperOffice and our partners. 

    The App Store is open to any app that shows a clear value to our customers, SuperOffice and partners.

    Open to all SuperOffice CRM Online customers

    All customers with an active subscription to SuperOffice CRM Online gets access to the SuperOffice App Store. In the App Store, customers can investigate and buy apps.

    Marketplace, not a webshop

    SuperOffice will not bill, provision or host partner apps. Instead, the App Store redirects to our partner’s websites where customers buy directly from the partner.

    This means that, as a partner, you will have to host your apps in your own cloud environment. This could be in an environment managed by a group of partners or e.g. in their Azure or Amazon cloud.