Business requirements for standard apps and the App Store

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    Apps published in the SuperOffice App Store must meet requirements related to business model, marketing, security, and technical aspects.

    Our aim is to provide SuperOffice customers with a good number of varied apps that allow them to choose the best fit for their business. 

    Therefore, we have a few requirements that the app must meet in order to be included, outlined below.

    General requirements:

    All apps for the App Store must: 

    • have a clear business value for the customer. Is must be a business-oriented app that helps customers perform business processes
    • be a standard application that fits the many rather than customized to just one company
    • be based on SaaS principles for pricing and billing
    • have the necessary support and onboarding processes for customers
    • needs to be of high quality, safe, secure and trustworthy

    Marketing requirements: 

    In addition to the general requirements, the app needs to adhere to our guidelines for marketing. These are outlined in the section guidelines for publishing and include how to name an app, present apps in the store, create images and videos, and the use of SuperOffice logos.

    Technical requirements: 

    In order to qualify for App Store inclusion, partners and each app must also meet and accept the following guidelines:

    • Partner registration and partner agreement: All partners register and outline their app concepts to get access to the development environment and APIs. All partners will also agree with our general partner agreement. 
    • App authentication: Apps must ensure the quality of service is not jeopardized for any of our customers.
    • App management: The customer needs to be able to manage their app, including access to uninstall.
    • App certification: Every app will be tested and certified before it becomes available to pilot customers or published in the store.
    • Monitoring: Our operations center monitors all applications' throughput. Throughput is the amount of data and stress on hardware.

    • Accounting: Track Data usage is tracked for throttling and optimization of the services to ensure uptime and performance.
    • Throttling: Our operations center manages apps to avoid any app consuming too much power and speed. Any application that causes adverse effects on our services is throttled.

    There are also specific additional requirements for certification which your app must meet in order to get certified.