Standard apps' development process and lifecycle

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    The development process

    When creating a standard app, there are several phases you need to go through.

    1. Register as a developer: To get started developing for SuperOffice CRM Online, you need access to your own sandbox environment. Register as a developer
    2. Register your app to get your unique app identifier and token. Register your app idea
    3. Develop your app: Use our development guide including example application (moved to GitHub) and example walkthroughs to get started building your app.
    4. Get your app certified: When done developing, you need to get your app certified. The certification process involves passing security tests performed by security company Watchcom. Submit app for certification
    5. Launch in the App Store: When the app is certified, it's time for launching your app in beta. You'll need to come up with a good name and description for your app: Submit app entry description

    A cloud partner lifecycle model

    SuperOffice uses a cloud partner lifecycle model to ensure that our services and processes engage partners and that their apps are optimized at all times.

    Our process is described in the following phases:

    1. Evaluate:

    As a new partner, you need to register to become a partner and get access to our development environment.

    SuperOffice will seek information to understand more about you, the app in question, the market and the business potential. 

    We run an App Store Strategy Board regularly where we review each partner and app. When necessary, we will create partner agreements to govern our relationship.

    2. Develop: 

    By registering as a developer, you get access to a sandbox environment where you can develop your app and get support from DevNet.

    Once you think your app is ready, the app needs to enter a certification process. The process includes tests to see how the app performs in our stage and production environments and a risk analysis by Watchcom Security Group AS. 

    When the app is certified, we identify and introduce some beta customers. 

    3. Publish: 

    All partners present their apps in the App Store using descriptive information, images, and categories.

    You manage how the app is priced, licensed, billed and provisioned. We will agree on how to market and present the app to our respective customer groups. 

    4. Operate:

    Once downloaded and in use by customers, each app is supported and maintained through our Operation Centre. The Operation Centre monitors the level of data exchange and apps are throttled when they threaten overall performance. We will contact you before and after any such steps are taken and together we will seek to optimize the services.

    5. Upgrade: 

    We employ various processes to ensure no individual upgrade plan compromises the running of services or data for any customers.  This includes informing you about new versions, what and when major news is deployed with the opportunity to test and update your own offerings in line with the SuperOffice services.

    All these services are subject to change and we will optimize these services with the input from our operation center, customers and partners.