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Beta program for standard apps

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    All apps begin with a beta status. The beta period gives you – and us – a final period where customers can be handheld through the process. Read on to learn more and the requirements for getting a full status.

    What is the beta period for?

    The beta period is for watching performance and customer behavior related to the app. We will get the chance to fine-tune what needs to be adjusted to ensure everything works the way it should with actual customers.

    It is especially helpful if the setup and onboarding for customers is not yet fully automated.

    A gentle start for the customer

    During the beta period, the app is offered free of charge to the customer. 

    Whenever a customer wants to use your app, they have to be informed about the beta status and accept the Beta Program Agreement.

    When a customer completes a contact form from your app entry, we get a notification and will automatically forward it to you with some additional information. Then, you can contact the customer to initiate the app setup. 

    In addition to the beta form, we ask customers to sign and accept any standard commercial contract you have for the app.

    Customers also have to meet requirements, including active subscriptions to other services, if your app is an integration between SuperOffice and another cloud service. 

    Beta requirements:

    The app is in a beta status until it meets the following conditions:

    1. At least three (3) customers are running the app for thirty (30) days with no major incidents, such as performance or other faults appearing, or 
    2. One (1) customer running the app for sixty (60) days with no major incidents.

    Note: You can have more than three customers if you'd like. If you want to limit the number during the period, this is also possible.

    When you have met these conditions and there are no other issues that our certification team needs you to resolve, your app gets a full status in the App Store. Unless the app is free of charge, you can begin charging for the service.

    If an app fails to comply with any of the technical or security requirements during or after the beta period, we will notify you. You get a period of up to sixty days to resolve the issue. The app will go into beta status in this period. 

    After this, you risk having your app delisted from the App Store and turned into a custom app instead. This is last resort of course, and hopefully a very rare occasion.