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    The app entry page is where customers learn about your app and decide if they want to purchase it. To get this page created, you need to send in your app entry details.

    When you have submitted your app for certification for the App Store, it is time to put together content for your app entry.

    Whenever you feel confident that you have described your app the best way you can, you are ready to send us your app description. We’re just as excited as you are!

    Submit your app entry description by completing this form: 
    Submit app entry description >

    If you are wondering what we need from you in order to create your page, read the list below for tips on how to write each element of your app entry. 

    1. Naming your app

    The app name lets customers quickly identify your app. A good name helps customers understand what your app does. It is also used to identify and manage your app in SuperOffice Online Operations.

    However, don't worry too much if your ideal name already is taken. The use of meaningful categories, descriptions, and images will in the end be more important for customers to find and understand what your app does.


    1. Note that the maximum number of characters in the app name is 30.
    2. Avoid using the following letters: \~#%;*{}/:<>?|” and single or double ‘.’ => .
    3. If you want to use a generic term for your app, you need to prefix it with, for example, your own company name or add "for SuperOffice". Examples: 
      • [Partner Name] Visual Reports 
      • Visual Reports for SuperOffice

    2. App description

    For customers to find your app, understand what it does, and why they should download it, it is important that you provide good descriptions and images.

    You need to provide information on the following:

    • Short introductory statement about your app: In one sentence, explain what your app does or gives the customer. Within 98 characters. 
    • About this app: In more detail, within 200 words, explain what your app does and what the customers get when they use it. Include the key benefit statements and customer testimonials if you have any (you may add them later). 
    • Key features: List the key features included in the app. 
    • Prices and terms: Explain the prices and make sure you are clear whether it is by site or user, with or without VAT. You should also provide a URL to your prices and terms so it's easy for the prospect to know the price levels. 
    • Requirements: List whatever the customer needs in order to use your app, such as technical or licensing requirements and similar. 
    • How to get started: What does the customer need to do in order to get started with your app. This can vary during a Beta period, however, do include references even if it's only to complete a form. 
    • Images, videos and links: Include images and videos when possible. You also need a link to your support URL, and you can add additional links to landing pages for prices, more customer benefits, customer references and so on. As a customer always buys from you, the call-to-action button will link to your webshop with whatever information you present to help the customer buy. See below for more information about image size.

    Short demo videos are always great to add and we encourage you to think how you can make the onboarding of your app as easy as possible (provisioning, set-up, use and support).

    It can also be helpful to add a few words about you as a vendor, or the service this app links to. 

    3. Images

    As a minimum you need to provide these three image types:

    1. App tile icon (preview in main page): 263 x 109 pixels (width x height)
    2. App icon (app detail page): 220 x 216 pixels (width x height)
    3. Your company logo (vendor page): 220 x 151 pixels (width x height)

    Screenshots from the app: 

    We also encourage you to include some meaningful screenshots from the app interface. 

    • Image size: Images will be resized to fit, but when the viewer clicks on the image, it will open in a light-box of actual size. We therefore recommend these to be of some size and see that images of 3400 x 2400 px work well.
    • File names:
      • Write the file name as a caption: Because the image file name is displayed as a caption in the light-box, we urge you to create descriptive file names to help the viewer understand what he is watching or get reminded of the benefits.
      • Numbering: Please also add numbering to your file names if you want the images to show on the page in a specific order. 

    Here's where the app icon and screenshots are located in an app entry:Wireframe showing the location of app icon and screenshot images in an app entry