Validation of custom apps

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    Before we can make your custom app available to you in CRM Online, we need to check and validate that it works the way it should and does not affect any other customers. 

    The validation tests are done in SOD before we publish to production: overview of development, stage, production

    We don't run the Watchcom security audit on custom apps since they will not be available in our App Store.

    Please note that the redirect URL must be secure. Please run the URL through Qualys SSL Labs, SSL Server tests, and aim for an A. 

    • We will not accept any sites where SSL2 or SSL3 is supported.
    • You must support TLS 1.2.

    Start your custom app validation

    1. Complete the form Submit custom app for validation so we can test your custom app.
    2. Respond to the reply email with any additional information, like test-cases or user-scenarios – anything that may be helpful for us to test your custom app.
      • If you have been running heavy testing in our SOD environment, please include date and time for these tests since we may go back and check logs for the last 30 days inside Application Insight. 
    3. We may contact you or schedule a time for either a phone call or WebEx meeting. This is used to clear up any questions we may have, and maybe we have additional tests we would like to run. 
    4. Once we are happy in SOD, we we make the custom app available in the CRM Online environment.
      • If the app is made by a partner, then the customer's SuperOffice administrator must autorize the app on the tenant.