About our certification process for standard apps

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    We require all standard applications to comply with our requirements before they are launched in the App Store.

    All standard applications have to go through certification and Watchcom security testing. If your application is one-off customization, we offer a simplified, light-weight testing program called validation. We run the initial certification tests in SOD before we move your application to Stage. In the stage environment, we repeat the tests and also bring in Watchcom to evaluate your security. Only when your application is secure and conforms to our requirements is it transferred to the production environment and marketplace.

    Why do you test my application?

    The purpose of our certification test is to ensure that the application can be safely distributed via our App Store.

    The evaluation can spark improvements that lead to:

    • better quality of the application
    • fewer customer frustrations
    • fewer support calls
    • better usability of the integrated solution

    What are you checking?

    We install your application and want to see that it runs smoothly and adheres to our requirements. We evaluate how the application handles confidentiality, integrity, traceability, and availability.

    We are checking logs in Application Insight and our Operation Center.

    Do I have to pay to get certified?

    The certification is free of charge except for a fee billed by Watchcom for their services.

    I'm ready - what do I do?

    Follow our step-by-step guide, started by sending a certification request form.