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How to submit a REST request - non-interactive

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    Let's look at how your application can communicate with the SuperOffice web services after authenticating and obtaining the system user ticket. You have to establish a secure connection before you start exchanging data.

    In contrast to the interactive workflow, where the Authorization header uses "Bearer [access_token]", the non-interactive workflow requires the Authorization header to use SOTicket instead of Bearer, followed by the ticket value.

    The ApplicationToken header must also be specified as SO-AppToken with the client secret (application token) value provided when the application was registered.

    • Authorization: SOTicket System_User_Ticket_Value
    • SO-AppToken: Application_Token_Value



    GET /Cust26759/api/v1/MDOList/category?flat=True HTTP/1.1
    Host: sod.superoffice.com
    accept: application/json
    accept-language: en
    SO-AppToken: f2398a3a7wer3759d4b220e9a9c94321