The App Store marketplace

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    The SuperOffice App Store is where SuperOffice customers find and buy applications that expand their CRM solution to solve relevant business needs.

    Customers can browse the store to find a range of applications made available from both SuperOffice and our partners.

    Open to all SuperOffice CRM Online customers

    The SuperOfficre App Store is transparent and open to any applications that represent a clear business value to your customers and users, SuperOffice, and partners.

    • Anonymous users may browse the marketplace (without login)
    • Signed-in users can view their purchased and installed applications
    • Signed-in users must have an active subscription to SuperOffice CRM Online to buy an application

    Marketplace, not a webshop

    SuperOffice will not bill, provision, or host partner applications. Instead, the App Store redirects to our partners' websites where customers buy directly from the partner.