About SuperOffice CRM Online apps

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    An application for SuperOffice CRM Online expands the CRM solution to resolve relevant business needs and lets you extend the capabilities of SuperOffice.

    The key to any integration is that the application is relevant and adds value to customers in their sales, marketing, customer service, and/or business processes.

    You can think of an application as a link to another cloud service. The link allows the other service to retrieve, present, or add data to SuperOffice.

    If you use the APIs, which you will have to use to communicate with the database, it is an application!

    All SuperOffice CRM Online applications get a unique ID to identify each integration within our environment.

    Ways your application can extend SuperOffice

    Applications can be or do the following:

    • An add-on module
      • SuperOffice Web Tools
      • Calendar synchronization
    • A configuration
      • Industry-specific categorization
      • Document templates
      • Email templates
    • Synchronize data between SuperOffice and an ERP system
    • Trigger workflows between systems
    • One-way data update (address, financial and similar) between SuperOffice and external data providers

    Applications are either developed by SuperOffice or one of our partners. The creator of the application is responsible for hosting it. SuperOffice will not bill, provision, or host partner applications. Instead, the App Store redirects to our partner’s websites where customers buy directly from the partner.

    Standard and custom applications

    Applications are either built to fit many and available in the SuperOffice App Store or one-off customization for your company or a customer's company only.