About custom apps for SuperOffice CRM Online

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    Custom applications are one-off customizations for your company or a customer's company only. These are not available in the SuperOffice App Store.

    A custom application can be the solution when your needs as a SuperOffice CRM Online customer are not met using either:

    • the standard configurations available in SuperOffice Settings and maintenance, or
    • a standard application available in the App Store

    As long as the application is specific to you, unique to your business, we call it a custom application. In contrast to standard applications, each custom application is mapped to a specific database tenant.

    All applications begin in our sandbox environment. Custom applications must pass our validation process. We test that things work the way they should and don't affect other customers in any way. After that, you may activate your application on your production environment tenant.

    Your options with custom applications

    Custom applications require a subscription to Expander Services to get access to the necessary tools and APIs. With this toolbox, you can:

    • Add extra tables to customize Service
    • Create custom screens to fit your specific processes
    • Create tailored workflows and automation with CRMScript
    • Create custom integrations that link your SuperOffice CRM Online solution with another system
      • either a totally new integration to a solution you currently use and that is specific to you
      • or a customized version of a standard application available in the App Store

    In addition, you can make extra tables and custom screens available to users of the Sales and Marketing user plans through web panels.

    When it is time to develop your application idea, you have 3 options:

    • Build the application yourself
    • Ask a SuperOffice partner for help to create a customization
    • Ask a vendor to create a tailored version of a standard application for you