SuperIdToken data type

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    The SuperIdToken is a container for security claims. It is returned after validation of a JWT (or SAML) token and can be used for future authentication.

    This legacy class pertains to our old form of authentication. Use OpenID Connect.

    SuperIdToken contains:

    • individual properties for common claims
    • a complete list of claims returned by SuperOffice CRM Online
    public class SuperIdToken
        public Claim[] Claims { get; }
        public string IdentityProvider { get; }
        public string Ticket { get; }
        public string NetserverUrl { get; }
        public string SystemToken { get; }
        public string Email { get; }
        public string ContextIdentifier { get; }

    Ticket: a SuperOffice ticket, representing the current user credential on this particular customer; not included in OAuth flows

    NetServer_URL: the SOAP web service endpoint for the current customer site

    WebAPI_URL: the RESTful endpoints for the current customer site (replaces NetServer_URL in class SuperIdToken)

    Email: the current user’s email address

    ContextIdentifier (CTX): context value (current customer ID).

    System User Token: a string used to exchange for a system user ticket credential

    The SuperIdToken data type is located in the SuperOffice.SuperID.Client.Tokens namespace in the SuperOffice.Online.Core assembly.