Create ExtraTables via REST API?


I was wondering if it's possible to create ExtraTables via the REST api in SO-Online. I found this

Does this mean that it exists, comes in the future or that you must enable it when registering an app? I was hoping to get it working for online aswell onsite apps. Making it easier to store data in their enviroment.

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Vidar Asp Johansson

RE: Create ExtraTables via REST API?

HI Vidar,

No, you can not create extra tables via the API. You must create extra tables in the Service UI, and then you can manage the data in them via the API.

It's been long-standing wish to create user-defined/Extra tables via the API. It's on the roadmap, but is not likely to happen anytime in the immediate future.

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Av: Tony Yates 23. okt 2019

RE: Create ExtraTables via REST API?

Yes ok, thanks anyway! :)

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Av: Vidar Asp Johansson 23. okt 2019