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I've been importing lots of emails into superoffice using the web services, and for most part this works as expected. What I have discovered now is that when I open an email from SO, and use the WebTools to open in Outlook, the email looks perfect. But when I disable WebTools, and open directly in SO, the email is displayed as a blank page. Emails that is created using the WebTools, or from SO opens nicely both in outlook and in SO. I have gone through the database to try to find out what the difference is between the emails I have imported, and the ones I have created from Outlook, but I cannot find any significant difference between the two kinds.

Is this a common problem? Anyone have a solution to this?

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I figured this out after lots of searching. It seems that to show an email in SO the msg file needs to have set the SentOn field. Otherwise SO throws a server side exception


Message: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

Type:    System.NullReferenceException


   at iwantedue.OutlookStorage.GetMapiPropertyDateTime(String propIdentifier)

   at SuperOffice.CRM.Mail.MsgParser.ParseMessage(Message message)

   at SuperOffice.CRM.Mail.MsgParser.LoadStream(Stream inputStream)

The funny part is that the outlook api to generate msg files using MailItem does not allow SentOn to be set. My solution was to use RDOSession library to generate the files. This also allowed to set the Sent flag which makes the msg files read only.

I would suggest you fix this exception, or at least give a better error message. In my view the ideal solution is to create a method in the API which can create an email message without using msg files. That would simplify converting a database from MS Dynamics a whole lot.

RE: Imported emails open blank in web

Hi Snorre, I suspect this is onsite installation, is it the latest version of 8.0 sr4?

Could you send me a copy of one of the msg files (zip it down and attach it) you imported that is shown as blank in web, use

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RE: Imported emails open blank in web

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