Travel issue

I tried to create a table with a foreignkey to project. I took the database on travel and added a project with the GUI, then added a row with a reference to the project (2138383217 or something) the id of the row was also in the same range.

Then I restarted SuperOffice and choosed to use the central database. But the project id was changed to 0 not 5 (or something).

Does travel suppose to work in version 8.2R04 ?

Edit: The id of the row was renumbered like it should be.

RE: Travel issue

Sounds buggy, does the logfile say anything when you read in the update or do a homecoming?

Could you send it to us:

Av: Margrethe Romnes 17. apr 2018

RE: Travel issue

The bug Id is 58247.

Av: Martin Andersen 4. jun 2018

RE: Travel issue



anyone tested this with remote travel, so if the same problem exists in UP\DWN files?




Rob Jansen

Av: Rob Jansen 6. jun 2018