Access extra tables by NetServer Services

I need to program a custom app to read and write data from and to extra tables of SuperOffice Service. The custom app needs to target a CRM Online installation. Is it possible to access extra tables of SuperOffice Service from NetServer Services? And if so how?

Best regards, Marc

RE: Access extra tables by NetServer Services

Hi Marc, 

you can read data from an extratable, as described at the end of this blogpost.

Write is unfortunately not possible via webservices. A workaround can be to create an ejscript that you call as an endpoint.

Av: Frode Lillerud 16. mai 2017

RE: Access extra tables by NetServer Services

Hi Frode,

I am not sure if I am able to call a script from my interface application which runs in a system user context of an Online installation. At least I did not find a way to do so.

The only way I found is to write data into a table accessible by NetServer services (e.g. AppointmentEntity which then acts as a "data carrier") and transfer them to the extra table by using a scheduled task script.

AppointmentAgent agent = new AppointmentAgent();
AppointmentEntity carrier = agent.CreateDefaultAppointmentEntity();
carrier.Type = SuperOffice.Data.AppointmentType.Note;
carrier.Task.TaskListItemId = 16;  // A deleted task used to filter the data carrier in the CRMscript
carrier.Description = "y_installed_base:10000110,,SUO_4,1-0252,2014-10-04,Arlene White,Arlene White,2014-11-01,2015-11-01;...";  // Data to transfer, max 2047 characters
agent.SaveAppointmentEntity(carrier);  // Create an appointment record with contact_id = 0, task_idx = 16 and a text record containing the desired data

In the CRMscript I can transfer data from the TEXT table to my extra table (y_installedbase) and delete the TEXT and APPPOINTMENT records afterwards:

SearchEngine se;
se.addCriteria("appointment.task_idx", "equals", "16");
for (; !se.eof();
  String appointmentId = se.getField(0);
  String textId = se.getField(1);
  String data = se.getField(2);
  WriteExtraTableData(data);  // Write data to extra table
  SearchEngine se1;
  se1.addCriteria("text.text_id", "equals", textId);
  se1.delete();  // Delete text record
  SearchEngine se2;
  se2.addCriteria("appointment.appointment_id", "equals", appointmentId);
  se2.delete();  // Delete appointment record
Av: Marc Eberhard 17. mai 2017